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LibreFind is a free wiki search engine with results sorted by community consensus.

How does it work?

We use MediaWiki, the software of Wikipedia, and Semantic MediaWiki. When you search any term, LibreFind returns a results page if available, in other case a blank page is open and ready for you to collaborate.

We are creating thousands of pages for common terms (e.g.: Edgar Allan Poe, Cameroon) using bots. At the moment, we copy the best Wikipedia links, but that is only a start point. We encourage the community to add, remove and rearrange the links to obtain high quality results.

About the design and usability, they are open to improvements and we want to listen your ideas.

How are results sorted? It is called consensus

The rules are not completely defined yet, we are in a brainstorm phase, but they may be as follows:

  • Official pages in first place
  • Then .gov or .edu domains, which are relevant
  • The rest: unofficial websites, blogs, news, etc

It is desired that community improve these basic rules.

How are you going to fight spam?

There are many ways. We can enable a spam black list if aggresive spam appears. Highly visible pages can be (semi)protected to avoid abuses. Also, Special:RecentChanges allows yoo tou check every change and detect attacks. There are automatic tools to fight vandalism. This open system works for Wikipedia, why isn't it going to work here? :-)

Get involved!

You can get involved in several ways:

  • Join to the first discussions in the mailing list.
  • We encourage you to improve the results pages adding, removing or rearranging links (request an account). If you think that your change is controversial, you can leave a message first in the "Consensus" link right above.
  • Search for volunteers in your language and request to open a new LibreFind
  • Spread the word about LibreFind!


You are more than welcome to edit the search engine. If you want to comment, leave a message in this wiki or join to the mailing list. Thanks!