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The main entrance of New Life Church in Colorado Springs

In April 2007, the Haggard family moved to Phoenix, Arizona to start the "restoration" process. They attended Phoenix First Assembly of God, whose pastor, Tommy Barnett, was on his counseling team. Haggard reached an agreement with New Life Church on a severance package that would pay him through 2007; one of the conditions was that he had to leave the Colorado Springs area.Plantilla:Cite document.</ref> His last reported income was $138,000, not including benefits. Since the scandal broke, attendance at New Life Church has been down about 20 percent with financial support falling 10 percent. As a consequence, the church has laid off 44 employees, representing about 12 percent of its workforce. On February 6, 2008, the new pastor at New Life Church, former home to Haggard, issued a press release announcing that Haggard had requested to leave the team created to "restore" him and that as Haggard's restoration is "incomplete," he is not welcome to return to vocational ministry at New Life.Plantilla:Cite document.</ref>

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