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The Achaemenid inscriptions of "Ganj-nameh".

In the counties of Hamadan province, the Hamadan county (which mainly includes Hamadan city), 80% of the people are Persian, 12% Azeri and 8% Luri, Kurdish and Laki. The population of Nahavand was 184160 (in 1997) with approximately 99% speaking Luri and Laki. The population of Malayer in 1997 was 297062 and approximately 75% speak Persian, 15% Luri and Laki and 10% others. In 1997, the population of Tooserkan county was 118945 and the majority of the population is Luri and Laki. In Asadabad county, the population was 110077 (in 1997) and 63% were Persian, 14% Azeri, 19% Kurdish and 4% Luri and Laki. In Kabudarahang, the population in 1997 was 152318 with 90% speaking Azeri, 5% Persian and another 5% Kurdish. In Razan county, the population was 123790 (in 1997) with 99.47% of the residents speaking Azeri and 0.53 speaking Kurdish. In Bahar country was 127600 with 86.3% speaking Azeri, 7.9% speaking Kurdish, 4.5% speaking Persian and 1.3% speaking Luri.

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